MRRC General Rules & Policies

Members Responsibilities – On water/ off water/Club


All members are encouraged/expected to attend the club cleaning days / Busy Bees


  • Member Misbehaviour

If a member does not adhere to Club rules (Below) he/she will have sanctions imposed on them by the Committee. Such sanctions may be explanation of actions to the Committee, suspension or expulsion from the club.

  1. Craft going upriver must keep to the starboard or southern side of the river
  2. Craft rowing downriver starboard or northern side of the river
  3. All passing craft must do so to port (left to left)
  4. All craft launching must do so heading downstream (towards the river mouth)
  5. Craft returning to bank, must give way to departing craft and keep clear
  6. All returning craft must do so from upstream
  7. Should two craft approach each at an angle, the craft to starboard has right of way
  8. An overtaking craft must give ample room to the craft being overtaken and do so in clear water
  9. Craft going upriver are only to go so far as is safe and must not past the old stone boathouse
  10. Paddle craft must give way to rowing craft at all times
  11. Rowing craft are not to be rowed within 50 metres of the river mouth
  12. At landing all craft and oars are to be washed down before storing
  13. All craft used must be recorded in the log book provided
  14. Damage to craft or any defect must be recorded in the log book (whether they were responsible or not)
  15. Any severe damage must be reported immediately to the Boat Captain
  16. The hours of use are from sun up to sun down
  17. No member can remain at the clubhouse after 10:00 PM unless attending a club function
  18. Members may obtain the Key safe number from any committee member. The code is not to be given to non-members and is not to published on social media or despatched by email.
  19. All rowers and paddlers must be able to swim a minimum of 50m
  20. No person under the age of 14 may use a rowing craft unaccompanied by an adult unless with the approval of the Captain, Vice-Captain, or two committee members
  21. Members rowing outside of Club hours may only do so with the approval of the Captain, Vice-Captain or two committee members
  22. Only approve rowers may use the quad pairs (double skulls). Names of users must be recorded in the log book
  23. New rowers must complete a training programme
  24. The stroke oarsman shall have command of the crew and craft
  25. All crews shall be responsible for the safe return of the craft and the oars to their proper positions within the club house, and members on landing shall assist
  26. Children of members must be supervised at all times
  27. Swimmers must move away from the landing area when more than one craft is leaving or landing and in general avoid the departing and landing lanes
  28. Experienced rowers shall have priority use of the quad pairs
  29. When there is a queue for craft, the time limit for use is one hour
  30. Craft may be booked in advance, by logging craft  on the whiteboard one week in advance
  31. Any dispute must be referred to the Captain, Vice-Captain or if not available, any two office bearers
  32. It is the duty of ALL members to ensure that the Clubhouse is locked upstairs and downstairs after use

Here in the South-West ngala kaadatj nidja Wadandi Boodja. We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia, and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures, our collective culture, and to elders both past, present and emerging.


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