MRRC Community Open Day - December 3rd, 2023

Published Wed 15 Nov 2023

🚣 SAVE THE DATE: SUNDAY DEC 3RD, 8AM - 11AM 💦  We are hosting our annual Community Open Day! All welcome - kids and well-behaved dogs (on leash) included. There will be fun races - including our famous 'dog on a SUP' race - with some great prizes, a rolling ergo/rowing machine comp throughout the morning 💪 tours of the boatshed and equipment, and most importantly... a FREE BBQ BREKKY! 😀 Kayaks and SUPs will be available to take out for a paddle once the races are complete.

To pre-empt the likely question of 'where is this mysterious rowing club?' - it's located off Wallcliffe Road, driveway marked 750, then an approx 400m walk from the parking area. There will be signage on the day.

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